Excel Technology Co

Detection Solutions

Excel delivers 60+ Wavetronix SmartSensor HD units for the M1 Pacific Motorway (2016-2017)

Excel wins NorthLink Stage 1 (August 2017)
ETC is providing Incident Detection Outstation sites to the NorthLink WA Project in partnership with Logix Engineering.

Excel wins GUN Project (July 2017)
Providing LendLease with Gateway Upgrade North detection in Queensland.

Excel selected as vendor in TMR C-ITS Pilot (March 2017)

Excel wins Gateway WA Project (February 2015)
ETC is providing around 40 Incident Detection Outstation sites to the Gateway WA Project in partnership with Logix Engineering. This $1 billion project creates an iconic gateway to WA and is Perth’s biggest ever road infrastructure project to date, designed to improve the safety and efficiency of one of the state’s most important transport hubs. For more information about this project, click here.

Excel wins M5 West Widening Project (March 2014)

ETC is providing in excess of 50 Incident Detection Outstation sites to the $400 million M5 West Widening Project. The project will reduce travel time for motorists through the expansion of surface and capacity to three lanes. This widening will utilise incident detection technology for early detection and management of congestion and motorway incidents. For more information about this project, click here.

Excel delivers for Southern Expressway Duplication (2014)

Excel provides detection systems for Bruce Highway Upgrade (2014)

Australian Projects (Partial Listing)

Australia - Queensland Transport and Main Roads (TMR)
Bruce Highway & M1 South Upgrade Brisbane: Manufacture & supply of Vehicle Incident Detection (110+ Sites)
Brisbane Arterial Road: Vehicle Classification & Counting (26+ Sites)
Sunshine Motorway: Incident Detection & Freeway Monitoring (32 Sites)
Bruce Highway: Vehicle Speed Camera verification project (6 Sites)
Bruce Highway: Vehicle Headway/Gap monitoring research project (4 Sites)
M1 Upgrade Nerang District, Gold Coast: Vehicle Incident Detection (20+ Sites)
Roadtek Gympie Region, North Coast: Vehicle classification and counting (35 Sites) & incorporated remote data retrieval and Real Time Monitoring
Ipswich Motorway Upgrade: Stage one Vehicle Classification, Axle & Length (6 Sites)
Darra to Goodna (D2G): Vehicle Incident Detection (18 Sites) & Vehicle Classification (3 Sites)
Houghton Highway Upgrade (Sub-contractor to TYCO): Vehicle Incident Detection & Real Time Monitoring (12 Sites) and Vehicle Classicifcation, Axle & Length (2 Sites at Houghton Bridge)
Inner City Bypass, Brisbane: GoBetween Bridge to Breakfast Creek, Brisbane City Council interface (24 Sites)
Byron Bay (9 sites; incident detection and classification with tunnel)

Australia - Victoria (VicRoads)
Eastlink (Tollway), Mitcham-Frankston Highway: Vehicle Incident Detection, Real Time Monitoring & Vehicle 
Classification (74 Sites)
Peninsular Link, interface to Meridian Motorway: (40 Sites & Weigh In Motion)
Tullamarine Freeway: SCRAM Protocol Interface outstations, Incident Management System for Melbourne
Australia - South Australia (DPTI)
Adelaide Southern Expressway: Reversible Road Traffic Management System (Stage 1), Design and Develop Contra-Flow detection and integrated incident detection - reverse flow road (47 Sites)
Adelaide Southern Expressway Duplication (50 counter/classifier sites)
Port Wakefield Motorway: Vehicle Incident Detection & Vehicle Classification (15 Sites)
NEXY Project (SA): Vehicle Incident Detection & Vehicle Classification (50 Sites)
Australia - New South Wales (RMS, formerly RTA)
M5 West Widening Project
RTA Traffic Service Branch (estimated ongoing supply contract): Vehicle Classification and Counting, Vehicle Binary Weight Classification and Real Time Monitoring (100+ Operational Sites)
Australia - Tasmania (DIER)
Motorway Implementation: Vehicle Incident Detection, STREAMS compatible (20 Sites)

International Projects (Partial Listing)
Gulf - Qatar
Weigh in Motion delivered by Traffic Tech Gulf - WIM (20 Sites) 
Europe - Ireland
M1 (Preliminary Works): Vehicle Incident Detection, NRA System compatible (20 Sites)
M1 (Stage One): Vehicle Incident Detection, Euro 8 Vehicle Type Classification (97 Sites)
Jack Lynch Tunnel: Turnkey Incident Management System - Co. Cork Ireland (18 Sites)
Isle of Man: Public Road Network, Vehicle Classification & Logging (16 Sites)
Dublin Corporation:  Vehicle Classification (Axle), Port Area Traffic Management (10 Sites)
Fermoy Bypass: Vehicle Incident Detection & remote telephone access data retrieval (8 Sites)
Europe - Wales (United Kingdom)
A55: Vehicle Classification and Counting, 8 vehicle types using loop pairs (5+ Sites)
Europe - Cyprus
Cypriot Road Authority: Vehicle Classification, Length & Electromagnetic Profile Detection, controllers and data loggers, real time and historical data logging (32 Sites)
Evaluation sites in Brazil, Portugal, Qatar and Turkey

Related Vehicle Detection Equipment
Alpha 16 Traffic Controllers: 600-1000 Vehicle Detector 8 & 16 channel TSC3 compatible Vehicle Detector Cards
Vehicle Detection - Mexico: 10 intersections with multiple video detector cameras installed in Apodaca, Mexico
In-Pavement Loop Tester (LTM100/1000): 400+ field units in USA, EU, Gulf & Australia
In-Pavement Piezo Tester (PTI1000): 2 field units - evaluation status