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Live Site Demonstration - LIVE SITE

With provision for live and historical view, this site demonstrates our complete solution for acquisition, retrieval and visualisation of traffic data using in-road inductive loop and piezoelectric sensors for vehicle detection, classification and weigh-in-motion (WIM). Vehicle information is calculated and stored locally for retrieval via the standard File Transfer Protocol (FTP) and can be viewed in real-time anywhere you have an internet connection.

For this demonstration select the 'Live View' of 'Historical View' menu item at the top of the page to observe data. The 'Live View' page allows you to connect to the physical site by clicking the 'connect' button to enable a limited number of vehicle events to be displayed in real-time. The connection status is displayed next to the button. The 'Historical View' page displays a static set of vehicle events that have previously occurred which is useful to observe if there is no vehicle activity at the that time. On both pages each entry in the list of data can be selected to bring up the image for that corresponding vehicle.

The physical site is located on the Cunningham Highway, west of Brisbane in Queensland, Australia. The local time is GMT+10:00 and sees a fair constant volume of traffic during the day between 6:00AM and 6:00PM.
Here is an example of our Live/Historical Site view data output:
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