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Excel's product range includes:
Permanent Detection, Classification and WIM - XL 1000 Series
Temporary Count & Classification - XL 5000 Series
Contact-Closure Output Detection - XL 808
Non-Intrusive Solutions: Video Detector & Radar



Excel Technology's specialist vehicle detection product range utilises video imaging and in-pavement based detection systems that count, measure, classify, categorise and weigh vehicles in motion from a single hardware platform.

Excel Technology Co Pty Ltd is committed to supporting our customers and we provide operational demonstration programs and related source software for remote data retrieval for project development.

In order to optimise performance and expedite the implementation and maintenance of our field products, Excel Technology has developed a range of support tools. These tools include in-pavement loop and piezo test equipment for expedient qualification of sensor performance, traffic pattern simulation devices for controlled qualification of detector chassis performance and communication network operation and emulation programs, which provide field technicians with test procedures that quickly identify the problem source. 

Excel Technology Co Pty Ltd provides engineering application notes which assist users in optimising equipment performance and minimising problem diagnosis time.  These notes address ‘cross talk’, feeder length, temperature compensation and many other topics related to in-pavement sensor performance.

ETC continually strives to improve our product and service capability, keeping abreast and ahead of industry specification requirements for quality and error.

For information regarding independent evaluation statistics, reports and examples of data output, please Contact Us.

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