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Excel Magnetometer Unit

The XL Magnetometer Series provides a reliable permanent and temporary alternative to the use of in-pavement loops and interfaces directly with the XL 1000 Series Detector.

ETC provides a number of magnetometer solutions for vehicle detection, intersection management and parking applications.

Integrated with traffic light control systems, the magnetometer sensors utilise a Hub (that can cater for up to 16 sensors) and where necessary, a traffic controller Interface Card, that collects events from the sensors triggered through the activation of dry contacts.

Quick and easy installation - the wireless technology allows the installation of a sensor in about 15 minutes, using standard equipment and materials for roadworks.
Completely independent power - the sensor battery life is 5 years guaranteed.
Easy maintenance - the presence of an outer casing allows a simple and quick replacement of the sensor within the road surface in less than 5 minutes.
Excellent performance - even in the presence of queuing vehicles or in congested traffic conditions, the principle of operation, the electronics and the detector algorithm allow a correct and reliable vehicle detection.

Embedded in the road surface, centre of the lane, installation requires removal of an asphalt core of 130mm diameter and 80mm depth. Once placed, the sensor auto-calibrates and has a range of unto 150m.

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