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XL-VVD Image Processing Detector / Vehicle Video Detector

• Low - Cost
• Reliable
• Easy to install
• Minimal on-going maintenance

The XL Image Processing Vehicle Detector (VVD) is a low cost, reliable and easy to install alternative to in-pavement loops. All user configurations are undertaken from ground level via radio link featuring user configurable detection algorithms and threshold sensitivity parameters.

The XL-VVD detectors located at the primary detection location may be   interconnected through radio transceivers or via serial data cable to a central receiver module. Up to 64 XL VVD detectors may be connected on a single intersection site controller using radio transmission with a nominal range of 110mts (120yds).   Radio transceiver interconnection is the preferred option.  Serial cable data via an ethernet connection is only recommended when the image is required for further analysis. Each VVD has 4 virtual detection zones which are defined by the user through camera view in the setup mode.

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